Our world moves quickly, and as a result, we are only as good as the information we have at our fingertips. When information is critical, you have to go to the best sources. Agile Analytics Group specializes in extracting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating quality information. Our highly skilled professional team is gleaned from the very best of US Government, Military, Academic and Commercial worlds who ensure our clients are provided with advanced intelligence and operations support, remote or local, in the areas of the world that matter most to them.

Customized Solutions

No two problems have the same solution, and we at Agile Analytics Group are adamant that your intelligence requirements strategy is tailor-made for your operational needs. Our team of collectors, analysts, engineers, and trainers will closely collaborate with you to certify the information you want is the best information available, and that it is being acquired through the most efficient methods.

Experienced, Multi-Faceted Intel Collection

Agile Analytics Group combines operational expertise and sensor management in 30+ countries around the world. Remotely or on the ground, from intelligence collection techniques and geospatial methods to open source or cyberthreat collection and analysis, our process and procedure procure the results and solutions to drive your team’s success.


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