Agile Analytics Group offers basic through advanced level intelligence and operations training programs for a wide range of clientele.  Our training programs are customized to fit specific operational and intelligence needs, and designed to increase critical thinking skills, understanding of core intelligence and operations concepts while also building organizational capacity. Feel the security and confidence of having professionally trained operations personnel on your staff when you enlist Agile Analytics for personnel training.

Customizable, Comprehensive, and Methodical Programs

From cyber and human intelligence gathering and analysis procedures to criminal proceedings and crime scene investigation, our programs are certain to provide you with the information, experience, and skills that you need.

Global Training

Just as our programs are customizable to your operational needs, so too are the training session locations. Whether you prefer to meet with us in a classroom, in the field, or through a screen from the other side of the globe, our trainers and instructors will accommodate you.

Programs We Offer

Here are few programs we offer:

We offer several Intelligence, Operations and Security-related courses, so please contact us to see if Agile Analytics Group provides a program that you’re looking for.

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